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Teeth Whitening

At Delaney's, we use home tray bleaching. This is the most effective teeth whitening method to improve the appearance of the entire mouth without getting multiple crowns. Generally, as people age, the teeth often become darker due to natural changes in the mineral structure of the teeth, as well as staining from antibiotics, tobacco, tea, coffee and wine.

An impression is taken and custom-made bleaching tray is produced. We demonstrate how to use the tray and give instructions on use. At a follow-up appointment, we check the progress of the treatment and answer any queries you may have.

All our bleaching kits are EU approved. In a very small number of cases, tooth whitening is not suitable and we will advise if we feel that there is no advantage in undergoing the tooth whitening treatment.

Teeth Whitening - Delaney Dentist Tullamore

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